Mbanda Shyaka

Married with 2 boys but a father to many, Mbanda Shyaka is a firm believer in the power of the private sector to inspire change in the community. Business can change education! Mbanda Shyaka is serial entrepreneur in the digital education space and a philanthropist with the Silas Shyaka Education Fund

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TechKids ICT is an ICT skills training organisation for primary schools in Uganda. We help primary schools unable to construct a computer lab, stock it with computers and then maintain them. For as low as 20,000/= per child per term, TechKids ICT provides the computers (Tablet PCs), software, tutors and a curriculum. Each child in the school gets atleast 60 minutes a week of ICT training. This , we believe, will provide the children with vital ICT skills to be able to compete in the 21st Century. We are currently in Mandela Junior School, Kabatereine Memorial school in Mbarara, Atlas Junior School, Mother’s Heart Primary in Kampala. We are in partnership negotiations with KCCA to run ICT clubs in the schools within their jurisdiction. Our mission is to reach 5000 children  by April, 2018.
This is our Educational Philathropic endeavour in which we sponsor children from Koch Lii primary school in Nwoya District in Northern Uganda. Using local sponsors arranged in teams of 10 with each team member paying 30,000/= a month, children are given hope by providing them with a secondary school education in St Julian High School , Gayaza in Kampala. Currently we have 6 children under the scheme.