TechKids ICT Skills Training

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Ugandans need to compete globally but the global market is digital. How will our children compete if they are not adept at applying digital solutions to societal challenges? The TOD Idea, through it’s subsidiary, TechKids ICT is committed to imparting ICT skills at an early age to primary school going children. This idea was conceived when we, as a corporate social responsibility, embarked on offering FREE ICT lessons to Atlas Junior school in Lugoba, Nabweru, Wakiso district in 2016. The reception from the children and teachers was phenomenal. The interest from the learners was natural and unforced. In fact, the … Read More

Coding as a literacy skill

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  ICT skills are very important because of the power within computer software to help us communicate efficiently and effectively, to trade, to analyse etc. When I say ICT skills I’m talking about learning to use the available software like Word to write, Excel to analyse, Google AdWords to Market and collaborate etc. However there is a catch. All the above ICT skills can be self taught especially from a demand point of view, i.e , if I need to advertise online, I research using “wikihow” and after one day of trial and error, I will be a star. Same … Read More

What the TODIdea is about

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The TOD Idea’s tagline is ‘Teachers On Devices’ which goes to show what we are about- applying digital solutions to educational challenges. For Africa to bridge the digital divide that exists bewteen it and the rest of the world, we need to get our children studying and collaborating on the digital platform. The TOD Idea is involved in digital education on 4 fronts 1- The EduTab: Here, we get Tablet PCs and upload them with educational Apps, Videos and Books customised to the learners age brackets. Nursery, Primary and Secondary. These are sold to the students directly so the purpose … Read More