Partnership with KCCA to Scale ICT skills in Primary Schools in Kampala

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What an opportunity!KCCA is partnering with TechKids ICT to get primary school children in Kampala learning ICT skills. Under the arrangement penned a few days ago with the Directorate of Education ad Social services, we shall run ICT clubs in 10 schools throughout the 5 divisions of Kampala city. 2 primary schools per division, one government and another private. This is a pilot project meant to test the viability of our initiative to scale ICT skills training in primary schools. We are lowering the cost of entry into these ICT skills training to as low as 20,000/= or 6 USD … Read More

TechKids ICT in Little Bluebells School

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In our quest to get more Ugandan primary school children learning ICT skills, Little Bluebells School in Katale, Seguku,Entebbe Road is collaborating with TechKids ICT. Starting second term, 2017, all children from Nursery through out Primary will be taking classes for IT. As usual, TechKids ICT will provide the computer hardware, software and tutors freeing the school of the need to make heavy investments in the ICT department. Cost is a major impediment for schools that would like to venture into ICT skills training. Building computer labs, stocking them with computers and then maintaining the lot. TechKids ICT takes that … Read More

The Minecraft Club @ Ark School Naguru

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What is Minecraft? Minecraft is a game that takes place in a 3D World where the player is free to roam and explore. It is called “Minecraft” because it is centered around “mining” for basic materials in the ground and then “crafting” those materials into a wide variety of things (blocks, tools, food, etc.). It is much more open-ended than most games because there usually is no definite objective. There are three ways you can play Minecraft: 1-By yourself on your own computer or tablet – exploring and building by yourself. 2-On a small local server with a group of … Read More