My ICT tuned on son!

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I had a conversation today with Amani , my son, that my father would never have dreamt having with me in the 80’s growing up in Kabale, Uganda. I’m going to show the conversation while highlighting the major pros and some concerns that populate the digital world we live in today. Him: ” Taata, do you know that there are wireless chargers these days? Me: “I have heard. How did you find out?” Him: I” was playing my game on the Tablet and a pop up advertising them came up(internet safety) and I followed it”( ICT induced curiosity and research) … Read More

My journey to get ICT in Ugandan Primary Schools so far

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I started the The TOD Idea ltd three years ago for the simple reason that integrating ICTs in education was shown, through extensive research, to better learning outcomes. In Africa,some reports indicated that it reduced truancy. At my home, technology sparked curiosity and engagement in my 10 year old son. He always wanted to know more. But it was not being used in Ugandan schools. At home, technology eas mainly for entertainment and rarely for education. Someone needed to innovate around this. That somebody was me! My name is Mbanda Shyaka from Kabale, Uganda. I am a social entrepreneur¬†and and … Read More

The TOD Idea Family Grows

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Welcoming Pamela Kaboneire ( 4th year Undergrad Computer Engineering, MUK), Collins Muhumuza (Senior 6 Vacist), Prossy Nakimera( Graduate Bsc Information Systems, MUK), Janet Nakato (4th Undergraduate Computer Engineering, MUK) and Walakila John (Undergraduate BCom, MUK) and Lukyamuzi Julius (Graduate Bsc Telecom Engineering, MUK) to our team at The TOD Idea Ltd as our pioneers in the TechKids ICT project. This is group of young motivated people know the scale of our calling; to teach ICT skills to primary school children of Uganda. Such a mammoth task. Requiring Spartan discipline infused with continous self improvement. We continue to dream big. Our … Read More

New Members to our Robot Family!

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Simon Angol, a student in one of our schools in which we run our robotics clubs dreams of working for SpaceX in USA designing and building robots for use on Mars! He craves hands-on application of his knowledge of robotics. In a bid to make our clubs as engaging and interesting as possible, we have added to our repertoire of robots, the Edison Robot and the 17 DOF Bipel Humanoid Robot. The Edison Robot is a floor programmable robot that can be scaled in size by attaching Lego bricks to it and most importantly, using the EdWare software program, can … Read More