Coding Will Improve Your Child’s Writing Abilities

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Coding Will Improve Your Child’s Writing Abilities  The average score for literacy at primary 3, and primary 6 in 2010 was at a low of 47% and 40% respectively. In addition, 60% of the learners in primary  3 and about 70% in primary 6 were below the 50% proficiency level for literacy for their respective grades.(NAPE 2010). By integrating ICTs in education, the TOD Idea Ltd looks to tackle this challenge. In this article, I endeavour to show how coding, a very vital 21st century skill, can improve yet another vital 21st century skill, literacy, with a bias towards creative … Read More

DigiTracker, a tool for Peace of Mind for today’s parent

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Kidnapping can be a terrifying fact of life in Uganda today. We have recently witnessed a spike in disheartening kidnapping which usually end up in deaths. There should be a way to keep the children safe and in case of emergency, the children should be under parents’ control. GPS tracking systems including GPS kids tracker and Web tracking software should be helpful for tracking and rescuing the kidnapped or lost children or any person. That’s why at the TOD Idea, we’ve brought you the Digi Tracker!  1- Location: Uses GPS and Base Station technology to give you an accurate location … Read More

EduTab 10! The Revolution continues

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Introducing the EduTab 10 For some of you, the children are developing their ICT skills that the Wi-Fi only original children’s EduTab  no longer inspires.­ We have designed for you the EduTab 10 ! The EduTab 10 has a 10.1 inch screen for wider view, 1GB RAM for faster processing , 16GB storage extendable by 32GB using an external memory card and resolution of 1280*920 which is kind to the eye. EduTab 10 has dual sim slots to give you the option of accessing mobile internet if you so desire. However, for nursery and primary school level, all the educational … Read More

The Educational Benefits of building block Robots like Legos or Lepins

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To some people the educational benefits of playing with the colourful, multi-faceted bricks aren’t always clear. I have crafted some key benefits of creating, configuring and crafting with building blocks. Robotics as a whole develops problem solving and mathematical thinking. Following instructions to assemble Lego or other building blocks also has a lot of benefits for children’s problem solving, focus and attention to detail. Ideas of symmetry, balance, shapes and sizes are explored during play with building blocks. For example, children experience working with fractions when they observe how many small pieces can fit into a large piece and can … Read More