You are currently viewing DigiTracker, a tool for Peace of Mind for today’s parent

DigiTracker, a tool for Peace of Mind for today’s parent

Kidnapping can be a terrifying fact of life in Uganda today. We have recently witnessed a spike in disheartening kidnapping which usually end up in deaths.
There should be a way to keep the children safe and in case of emergency, the children should be under parents’ control.
GPS tracking systems including GPS kids tracker and Web tracking software should be helpful for tracking and rescuing the kidnapped or lost children or any person.

That’s why at the TOD Idea, we’ve brought you the Digi Tracker! 

Digi Tracker

1- Location: Uses GPS and Base Station technology to give you an accurate location of your child all the time. You can track locations anytime anywhere either via cellphone SMS command or APP .

2- Emergency : . Digi-Tracker includes SOS Panic button, listen-in and two way communication function for emergency. Digi tracker can dial 999 or other preset numbers to call for timely help.

SOS button

3-Geo-fencing functions will keep your children at a certain areas like school, mall or home. Immediate and accurate alarm message shall be sent to your phone number and web tracking system once they move out or in the pre-determined areas.

4- Digi Tracker is easy to wear and has a normal electronic watch appearance which doesn’t raise suspicion.

5- Digi tracker supports long time tracking of up to 8 hrs, which is enough for 1 day’s tracking

6- Can receive and make calls. It’s no disturb function can be activated by the parent using the App on their phones to prevent disturbances when in class.

You can call your child and so can they

7- Tells time and acts as an alarm too

8- Health monitoring : Works as a pedometer to monitor your child’s activity and also as a sleep monitor.

Healthy body healthy mind

Promotional price: 200,000/=
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