Coding Will Improve Your Child’s Writing Abilities

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Coding Will Improve Your Child’s Writing Abilities  The average score for literacy at primary 3, and primary 6 in 2010 was at a low of 47% and 40% respectively. In addition, 60% of the learners in primary  3 and about 70% in primary 6 were below the 50% proficiency level for literacy for their respective grades.(NAPE 2010). By integrating ICTs in education, the TOD Idea Ltd looks to tackle this challenge. In this article, I endeavour to show how coding, a very vital 21st century skill, can improve yet another vital 21st century skill, literacy, with a bias towards creative … Read More

Coding as a literacy skill

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  ICT skills are very important because of the power within computer software to help us communicate efficiently and effectively, to trade, to analyse etc. When I say ICT skills I’m talking about learning to use the available software like Word to write, Excel to analyse, Google AdWords to Market and collaborate etc. However there is a catch. All the above ICT skills can be self taught especially from a demand point of view, i.e , if I need to advertise online, I research using “wikihow” and after one day of trial and error, I will be a star. Same … Read More