EduTab K7 makes access to quality digital education top priority

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The Corona Virus crisis has accelerated the uptake of digital solutions, speeding the global transition towards a digitally operated economy. Digitisation is allowing tele-medicine, tele-work, online education to proliferate , amplifying the demand for online tools of collaboration like Skype, Zoom and others. This, though, has increased an already wide gap between the haves and have nots in digital uptake. The digitally enabled world is working for some but not others. Inequalities in digital readiness hamper the ability of large parts of the world to take advantage of technologies that help us cope with the Corona Virus pandemic by staying … Read More

EduTab 10! The Revolution continues

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Introducing the EduTab 10 For some of you, the children are developing their ICT skills that the Wi-Fi only original children’s EduTab¬† no longer inspires.¬≠ We have designed for you the EduTab 10 ! The EduTab 10 has a 10.1 inch screen for wider view, 1GB RAM for faster processing , 16GB storage extendable by 32GB using an external memory card and resolution of 1280*920 which is kind to the eye. EduTab 10 has dual sim slots to give you the option of accessing mobile internet if you so desire. However, for nursery and primary school level, all the educational … Read More

Meeting Head Teachers of Primary schools in Kampala

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On 20th September 2017, we, at the TOD Idea ltd met the head teachers of both private and government sponsored primary schools in Kampala. This was organised by KCCA’s education and social services secretariat as part of our mutual collaboration in scaling the use of ICTs in primary school education in Kampala and Uganda at large. The Head Teachers were taken through a mock ICT lesson to give them a hands on feel of what their students learn. They were asked to write a word document on Tablet PCs and asked to edit. The exercise was exciting as the Head … Read More

My journey to get ICT in Ugandan Primary Schools so far

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I started the The TOD Idea ltd three years ago for the simple reason that integrating ICTs in education was shown, through extensive research, to better learning outcomes. In Africa,some reports indicated that it reduced truancy. At my home, technology sparked curiosity and engagement in my 10 year old son. He always wanted to know more. But it was not being used in Ugandan schools. At home, technology eas mainly for entertainment and rarely for education. Someone needed to innovate around this. That somebody was me! My name is Mbanda Shyaka from Kabale, Uganda. I am a social entrepreneur¬†and and … Read More

Partnership with KCCA to Scale ICT skills in Primary Schools in Kampala

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What an opportunity!KCCA is partnering with TechKids ICT to get primary school children in Kampala learning ICT skills. Under the arrangement penned a few days ago with the Directorate of Education ad Social services, we shall run ICT clubs in 10 schools throughout the 5 divisions of Kampala city. 2 primary schools per division, one government and another private. This is a pilot project meant to test the viability of our initiative to scale ICT skills training in primary schools. We are lowering the cost of entry into these ICT skills training to as low as 20,000/= or 6 USD … Read More

TechKids ICT Skills Training

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Ugandans need to compete globally but the global market is digital. How will our children compete if they are not adept at applying digital solutions to societal challenges? The TOD Idea, through it’s subsidiary, TechKids ICT is committed to imparting ICT skills at an early age to primary school going children. This idea was conceived when we, as a corporate social responsibility, embarked on offering FREE ICT lessons to Atlas Junior school in Lugoba, Nabweru, Wakiso district in 2016. The reception from the children and teachers was phenomenal. The interest from the learners was natural and unforced. In fact, the … Read More