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Children using the EduTab 10 to code

Coding Will Improve Your Child’s Writing Abilities

Coding Will Improve Your Child’s Writing Abilities

 The average score for literacy at primary 3, and primary 6 in 2010 was at a low of 47% and 40%
respectively. In addition, 60% of the learners in primary  3 and about 70% in primary 6 were below
the 50% proficiency level for literacy for their respective grades.(NAPE 2010).

By integrating ICTs in education, the TOD Idea Ltd looks to tackle this challenge. In this article, I endeavour to show how coding, a very vital 21st century skill, can improve yet another vital 21st century skill, literacy, with a bias towards creative writing.

Our new EduTab 10 comes equipped with several coding apps to teach your child coding while imparting literacy skills too. It has the option of a detachable keyboard jacket to teach typing skills as well. EduTab

Coding is a New Platform  for Imaginative Storytelling.

The EduTab makes learning fun.

Developing strong writing skills ,especially when paired with technical abilities like coding, all but guarantees your child success in school and beyond.

Writing a script in a story-based game forces children  to think through the exact details and consequences of how their characters will act. They can’t be vague, they have to hone their ideas, an important skill that takes practice.

Coding Teaches the Value of Being Concise and Precise. 

When children  first start coding, it takes them five lines of code to program a character to move across the screen. As they learn more programming concepts, like loops and conditional statements, they can condense that code to two lines.

Children learn that the goal of coding or of writing is to leverage the tools at their disposal in the most powerful way possible to express ideas efficiently and directly. In Luganda, we call this vital skill ‘okutetenkanya’ or improvisation. 

These are the children  who will write a 500-word job  application essay that gets them noticed.

Coding Teaches Planning and Organising Skills

EduTab 10 because of its size encourages teamwork

Programming and writing follow a similar process. When children start a coding project, they plan out the different functions they will need and how these functions will work together to make the project work. Likewise, to write an essay, they must organize their ideas into paragraphs and understand how the paragraphs fit together.

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  1. ROnnie Ntambi

    Very informative.
    This is knowledge that parents and early learning educationists should embrace and act upon.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Moses

    Thank you for this information. I think it goes a long way in improving the writing and reading skills of children. You are indeed contributing a great deal in this sector. Bravo.

  3. Frank

    This is one of the missing links in the Ugandan education curriculum. The reading and writing culture is completely forgotten. Thanks for tabling a solution.

    1. Mbanda Shyaka

      Thank you Frank. We’re committed to continuously improving

  4. Kuhla

    I find this quite profound!!

    This equips my lil gal for the world of tomorrow to which our education system as it stands isn’t equipping her.

    Am so glad there is an innate movement towards a brighter future.

    Bringing lil Missy’s Fire Fox for edutab for an upgrade.

  5. Patricia Mwebaze-Songa

    Looks very interesting…Michael…we need a face to face to undersrand this coding thing…the.pat

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