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EduTabK7 has the whole of the Uganda national curriculum from Primary and Secondary

EduTab K7 makes access to quality digital education top priority

The Corona Virus crisis has accelerated the uptake of digital solutions, speeding the global transition towards a digitally operated economy. Digitisation is allowing tele-medicine, tele-work, online education to proliferate , amplifying the demand for online tools of collaboration like Skype, Zoom and others.

This, though, has increased an already wide gap between the haves and have nots in digital uptake. The digitally enabled world is working for some but not others.

Inequalities in digital readiness hamper the ability of large parts of the world to take advantage of technologies that help us cope with the Corona Virus pandemic by staying at home. UNCTAD

This situation has significant development repercussions that can not be ignored. We need ensure that we are don’t lag behind in a post covid world. Those that do not have access to digital tools are at a risk of being left further behind as digital transformation accelerates.

EduTab K7 is one such tool designed to keep learners in Uganda competitive at global level in as far as accessing quality digital education is concerned.As more developing countries are exploring e-commerce and other digital solutions for education that can build local resilience to future such shocks as covid, Uganda needs the EduTab K7 to build that resilience.

EduTab K7

Through a partnership with ,EduTab K7 now comes with all subjects from primary one to senior 6 for the Uganda national curriculum as guided by National Curriculum Development Center. All subjects and past papers come in an interactive manner that ensure engagement with the high quality digital lessons there.

EduTab K7 is selling at a promotional price of 375,000/= and comes with  a one year guarantee and technical support




Screen Size: 7 inches

RAM: 512mb


Android Version: 6.1

SIM Card: Dual

WiFi: Yes

Camera: 2MP

What is on EduTab K7?

100’s of Educational Apps, Videos and the world’s best children’s Books available OFFLINE without the need to use internet to access .

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