The EduTab is a normal tablet PC with educational Apps, videos and books uploaded by us to cater for your child along different age groups; Nursery, Lower Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary.

The EduTab is meant to address the limitations of our outdated current education system, a system that doesn’t impart essential 21st century skills of collaboration, critical thinking and communication.

At the TOD Idea, we hope to use the EduTab to improve educational outcomes through focusing on the brain the child takes to class , a brain that is able to learn how to learn as it were.

These are the cognitive attributes we hope we impart: 

    • Attention:
      Learning occurs when you capture the learners attention in this most distracted world of today. The EduTab fosters attention.
    • Memory:
      Activities to enhance both short term and long term memory are present on the EduTab
    • Prediction :
      The ability to anticipate what’s coming is every entrepreneur’s best attribute and we hope to achieve this using the EduTab.
    • Higher Executive thinking:
      Skills like decision making. Planning, strategy,analytical skills, critical thinking etc


EduTab 7


Operating System: Android 7.0
Internal Memory: 8GB
RAM: 512MB
Screen size: 7 inch

Connectivity: WiFi only

Comes with an 8GB memory card as an add on.

Price: 420,000/=

Headphones:These ensure focused learning to keep out any distractions during EduTab use. Price: 40-50,000/=

EduTab X

The EduTab X was introduced to cater for parents who don’t mind paying a little more in order to have peace mind. As much as it the same size as the EduTab 7, it is much stronger and may even survive falls in the hands of cheeky children. It is encased in an extra strong silicone rubber casing and comes with a tempered glass screen protector attached.


Operating System: Android 7


Internal storage: 8GB

External Storage: 16GB memory card

Screen size: 7 inches

Connectivity: WiFi only


Price: 520,000/=


EduTab 10

EduTab 10 is an upgrade from the small EduTab that the older children may deem childish. It for children who want more out of a an educational tablet.

It has a bigger internal memory of 16GB upon which the older students may store more of their research content. It is also able to run bigger apps that require more RAM. EduTab 10 has dual SIM slots allowing the owner to access mobile internet anytime.

Because the EduTab 10 is able to go online using mobile data, we have been able to load upon it powerful educational Apps that require internet to run like Yaaka which contains Primary and Secondary class notes, assignments and past papers for Uganda National Curriculum. Khan Academy, another powerful academic application with topical  videosand assessments is also there.


Internal storage: 16GB

Operating system: Android 7


Screen size: 10inches

Connectivity: Dual SIM and WiFi

Extras: Client is able to choose between  rubber or leather jacket. EduTab 10 also comes with a tempered glass screen protector.

Price: 700,000/=