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Addressing KCCA teachers about the MwalimuTab at Kitante, Kampala

Meeting Head Teachers of Primary schools in Kampala

On 20th September 2017, we, at the TOD Idea ltd met the head teachers of both private and government sponsored primary schools in Kampala.

This was organised by KCCA’s education and social services secretariat as part of our mutual collaboration in scaling the use of ICTs in primary school education in Kampala and Uganda at large.

Director of Education and Social Services, KCCA, Ms Juliet Namuddu stressing a point at the meeting

The Head Teachers were taken through a mock ICT lesson to give them a hands on feel of what their students learn. They were asked to write a word document on Tablet PCs and asked to edit. The exercise was exciting as the Head Teachers tried out a thing or two in order to execute the task.

Head Teachers sharing ideas and learning new ICT skils

We also told them about MwalimuTab, our new teacher empowerment product. MwalimuTab is a Tablet PC targeted towards teachers and uploaded with Apps, Video tutorials, books and past papers all geared to teaching ICT to teachers so as to enable them to be comfortable to bring ICTs into the classroom.

The level of engagement was typical of an ICT enabled lesson.

Advocacy is at the apex of our mission to get more stakeholders on board in our quest to integrate ICTs in education in Uganda. Such meetings go a long way in helping us achieve our objectives.

TechKids Tutor assisting an enthusiastic head teacher

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