MwalimuTab is born out of the realisation that teacher ineptness in ICT is a limiting factor in the scalability of ICTs in education in Uganda and Africa at large.

The UN Sustainable Development Goal Number 4 seeks to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all,”

This is greatly hinged on use of ICTs in education and if the goal is to be achieved, teachers need to start using ICTs to direct pedagogy, to collaborate with other teachers and to create digital content.

KCCA Teachers being taken through the MwalimuTab

The TOD Idea entered into financing partnership with Eclof Uganda  in 2017 and is currently at proof of concept stage with Centenary Bank and Uganda National Teachers Association SACCO all in a bid to get as many teachers as possible these gadgets.

Immaculate, the business development manager and James the credit risk manager at Eclof during the signing ceremony

The Process of getting a school on board.

1- An MOU is signed with the school to formally accept the hire purchase scheme to operate among the teachers.

2- A presentation is made to the teachers showing the merits of the MwalimuTab

3- Interested teachers pay a deposit and receive the MwalimuTab.

4- A hire purchase agreement is signed by the school, the teacher and The TOD Idea ltd in case we use ECLOF. With Centenary and UNATU, the agreement is between the teacher and the bank/SACCO.

5- The school deducts the due monthly installments and remits the money to The TOD Idea Ltd in case of ECLOF. Centenary Bank and UNATU do direct deductions from the bank /SACCO account

What’s more?
Teachers are taken through periodic trainings in maximising efficiency and productivity from using the MwalimuTab.

Training partnerships have been agreed Ultimate Multimedia ltd of the Yaaka Digital Platform and the American Embassy to ensure our client teachers get face to face trainings.

Teachers receiving training by TOD/Yaaka Partnership at the American Centre in association with the American Embassy

MwalimuTab is a revolutionary tool that’s going to allow teachers to learn ICT from the interactive Apps spurning a wide range of ICT topics , Video tutorials and textbooks, practice what they’ve learnt from the past papers and marking schemes and also give the teachers a platform to use their newly acquired skills.

Teachers can research for lessons, collaborate with fellow teachers students, communicate and inform as well as create digital content for use in class.

If the dream of integrating ICTs in school is to be realised, teachers should get themselves the MwalimuTab. Schools should encourage their teachers to acquire MwalimuTabs for capacity building.

We have 2 types of MwalimuTab based on specificities and price

MwalimuTab 1.0

MwalimuTab 1.0

Specs: RAM 1GB, ROM 16GB, CAMERA 3/5MP, 10 Inch Screen, Android 6, 3G Network, Quadcore

Price: 740,000/=

MwalimuTab 2.0

Specs: RAM 3GB, ROM 32GB, Android version 8.0, Camera 13MP, Octacore, 4G Network Detachablea  Keyboard

Price: 950,000/= now on promotional price of 800,000/=

The process of acquiring the MwalimuTab for Centenary Bank client teachers is as follows;

The teachers get these requirements :
-Appointment letter
-National ID photo copy
-Financial card or 30,000/= is debited from the teachers account.
-A coloured passport photo
-Minimal balance of 30,000/= on the account
-20,000/= debited off the account for commissioning of the lawyer.

Each loan application must have 2 guarantors known to the teacher especially fellow teachers who will be required to fill and sign guarantor forms.

Once the loan has been approved the teacher goes to centenary to sign for it.

The teacher then gets his loan and the MwalimuTab that same day.

Approximate Installments for MwalimuTab 2.0

  1. 800,000UGX
    •6months = 144,000UGX monthly .
    •12 months = 76,500UGX monthly.

MwalimuTab 1.0

•6months – 132,800UGX monthly.
•12 months – 70,600UGX monthly