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Partnership with KCCA to Scale ICT skills in Primary Schools in Kampala

What an opportunity!KCCA is partnering with TechKids ICT to get primary school children in Kampala learning ICT skills.

Under the arrangement penned a few days ago with the Directorate of Education ad Social services, we shall run ICT clubs in 10 schools throughout the 5 divisions of Kampala city. 2 primary schools per division, one government and another private.

This is a pilot project meant to test the viability of our initiative to scale ICT skills training in primary schools.

We are lowering the cost of entry into these ICT skills training to as low as 20,000/= or 6 USD a term per child. We bring the hardware,software and provide the tutors to ensure the children interface with technology at least
1 hour a week.

After agreeing to start at Naguru Katale Primary School.

We shall also have an ICT exhibition sometime towards the end of this year where children under our tutorage will showcase their hands on ICT skills.

As we were going through the schools with Alice Busingye, the Manager of Education Services at KCCA, school administrators showed a great enthusiasm for the project with many of them asking that their teaching staff also be added to the project to ensure they are also at per with their students.

The possibilities are infinite. The demand is high. The need is there and we shall fill that gap.

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