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Hamza welcomed us to Little Bluebells School

TechKids ICT in Little Bluebells School

In our quest to get more Ugandan primary school children learning ICT skills, Little Bluebells School in Katale, Seguku,Entebbe Road is collaborating with TechKids ICT.

Starting second term, 2017, all children from Nursery through out Primary will be taking classes for IT. As usual, TechKids ICT will provide the computer hardware, software and tutors freeing the school of the need to make heavy investments in the ICT department.

Cost is a major impediment for schools that would like to venture into ICT skills training. Building computer labs, stocking them with computers and then maintaining the lot. TechKids ICT takes that burden from the school and charges a small fee per term from each child to be able to run ICT skills training in the school.

We believe this will help scale ICT skills training among primary schools in Uganda. We are targeting primary schools because they are grossly underserved as far as ICT skills training is concerned.

At Little Bluebells School, the administrator, Hamza Ndiwalana went full throttle and recommended that all children in the school join TechKids ICT. Usually, schools choose to approach this as an optional club but at Little Bluebells, TechKids is compulsory for everyone child. This shows the commitment the administration has to ensuring the children get essential 21st century skills.

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