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TechKids ICT Skills Training

Ugandans need to compete globally but the global market is digital. How will our children compete if they are not adept at applying digital solutions to societal challenges?

The TOD Idea, through it’s subsidiary, TechKids ICT is committed to imparting ICT skills at an early age to primary school going children.

This idea was conceived when we, as a corporate social responsibility, embarked on offering FREE ICT lessons to Atlas Junior school in Lugoba, Nabweru, Wakiso district in 2016.

The reception from the children and teachers was phenomenal. The interest from the learners was natural and unforced. In fact, the school headmistress reckoned that we should have the teachers attend these classes too because they lack the skill set too.

This got us thinking! As believers in the power of private business to effect societal change, to cause disruption, we could scale this to reach as many schools as possible!

We could do what we were doing at Atlas which is come in with our hardware(i.e Tablet PCs) , software( Kingsoft office) and an appropriate curriculum and deliver ICT lessons to primary schools of Uganda. This, we could achieve, through a concerted blend of donor support, government approval and our very own sweat and blood.

Atlas ICT club in session

You see, the elephant in the room is COST! The school has to build a computer lab, stock the lab with enough computers, update and maintain them and hire expensive tutors. This coupled with the fact that ICT is not examinable at PLE( Primary Leaving Examination) connives to ensure that ICT skills training is postponed to secondary school when the children are timid and have a short period of time in which to juggle this alien subject with the others on the syllabus.

The end result is a digitally illiterate nation! Totally unable to tap into the global digital economy.

TechKids ICT wants to end this. We are lowering the barrier of entry which is cost. For as low as 20,000/= per child per term, we would like schools to completely outsource ICT skills training to us.

We come in with the hardware, software, the curriculum and carry out progressive assessments. At the end of every term, we provide a report on each child’s progress. Our sessions will be a 60minutes long and occur at least once a week for each child. These lessons will be completely offline unless is totally necessary so parents don’t have to worry about their children getting unsanctioned access to the ills on the internet. Holiday camps are also planned.

We have been in early talks with National Information Technology Authority (NITA) about certification of our tutors and our organisation to validate our work. We shall definitely pursue that.

TechKids is now in Mandela Junior school and Kabatereine Memorial school in Mbarara district. We intend to cover more schools in Mbarara. We are in Atlas Junior school in Bwaise and Mother’s Care school in Kajjansi, Wakiso district so far.

Our greatest challenge has been the desire by schools to treat ICT skills training as a club and not as a compulsory lesson. Administrators are afraid of raising everybody’s school fees by 20,000/= for fear that parents will take their children away. This always calls for a buy in from parents and that’s where all the problems begin because these parents are completely oblivious to the need for early ICT training in children.

TechKids has a mission of teaching 5000 children within Uganda by April 2018. We need support from well-wishers to assist with computer hardware, curriculum development, tutor training and much more to ensure we sustainably reach as many Ugandans as possible over the longest time possible.

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  1. alex shyaka

    Great initiative, the digital economy is something we should aspire to as we develop a knowledge based economy.

    1. Mbanda Shyaka

      Yes! Africa deserves at shot at the digital economy or we risk staying eons behind. The private sector should step up and make this happen.

  2. Phiona

    20,000k per child, per term is amazing. You’ve made tech skills inexorably affordable. Thank you!

  3. Ronnie

    What a load to carry! Thank you Techkids for boldly taking on what government is idling. Your journey will end with accolades if not from the slow and sleepy government technocrats you’re awakening , from the students whose future you are brightening.

    1. Mbanda Shyaka

      Thank you Ronnie. We shall continuosly improve and hope our work does something positive

  4. Annabella

    Brilliant Job Shyaka! What an amazing step forward.

    The vision is clear now!

    Very proud of you!

  5. Kabugo

    Nice initiative this……………….

    Wats available for my 4 year old nursery going child… Is he still too young.. For ict skills training

    1. Mbanda Shyaka

      The nursery EduTab. Loaded with 100s of Apps, videos and books customised to last till pretty primary. You can always return when in P1 for us to update.

      This will ensure that your child gets hands on experience of ICT in learning through the various mediums on the EduTab.

      The EduTab costs 420,000/= .

      Check for details.

      We are found at glamour images ground floor Kati house Nakasero next to Kisozi Complex.

      We also deliver.

      Call/WhatsApp 0752692555/0776692555

  6. Sabiiti Enid

    Your doing a great job taking education to the next level.blessings

  7. kuhla

    I would love to sell this idea to my child’s school, its a new school, population is not high
    But the education is good

    How do I go about it?
    The owners are personal friends , can speak to them, then have you over

    I love and am in awe at the tenacity shown!!!

    I almost feel like joining too!!

    1. Mbanda Shyaka

      Please go ahead. We like to grow with small new schools.

      Hook me up with them for a presentation. Call/WhatsApp me on 0757112376/0778244564

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