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The TOD Idea Family Grows

Welcoming Pamela Kaboneire ( 4th year Undergrad Computer Engineering, MUK), Collins Muhumuza (Senior 6 Vacist), Prossy Nakimera( Graduate Bsc Information Systems, MUK), Janet Nakato (4th Undergraduate Computer Engineering, MUK) and Walakila John (Undergraduate BCom, MUK) and Lukyamuzi Julius (Graduate Bsc Telecom Engineering, MUK) to our team at The TOD Idea Ltd as our pioneers in the TechKids ICT project.

This is group of young motivated people know the scale of our calling; to teach ICT skills to primary school children of Uganda. Such a mammoth task. Requiring Spartan discipline infused with continous self improvement.

We continue to dream big. Our mission is to reach 5,000 children within the Kampala area within the first year of our project, come April 2018 and then to go on and double that number in the next year. This will require the team to grow bigger as the company follows suit. The lessons we draw from our experience today will help us as we grow to include more children.

Aluta Continua!

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  1. Ronnie

    Forward on we match with you in tandem and spirit. No hold backs no backing out.

  2. Niki

    One day, when TOD idea employs over 5,000 young people in so many countries, we shall look back and remember that old saying…” A journey of a thousand miles behind with one step”.

    1. Mbanda Shyaka

      Yes! We dare to dream! 5,000 employees? That’s 1000 more than I was envisaging! You have have just raised my bar 1000 fold. So be it!

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