What the TODIdea is about

The TOD Idea’s tagline is ‘Teachers On Devices’ which goes to show what we are about- applying digital solutions to educational challenges. For Africa to bridge the digital divide that exists bewteen it and the rest of the world, we need to get our children studying and collaborating on the digital platform.

The TOD Idea is involved in digital education on 4 fronts

1- The EduTab: Here, we get Tablet PCs and upload them with educational Apps, Videos and Books customised to the learners age brackets. Nursery, Primary and Secondary. These are sold to the students directly so the purpose of providing ‘student-centric’ learning for the children. Tablet PCs individualise learning and in so doing leverage the child’s own learning style/curve. This ensures mastery of concepts through engaging and compelling educational content.

2-TechKids Computer Programming and Robotics Clubs: Coding is the new literacy!  Africa needs software solutions developed by Africans, tailor made for the specific problems in Africa. For that to happen , Africans need to learn the art of writing code and thats why we started these clubs currently running in 8 schools and having reached over 500 children in a period of 3 years.

3- TechKids ICT: This is a program that seeks to break the barrier of cost in providing ICT skills training to primary schools in Uganda. For as low as 20,000/= per child per term, we provide computers, tutors, software and a curriculum and teach ICT skills to students at least once a week for 60minutes per session. Our target is to reach 5000 students by April 2018

4- TOD-VR: This is our initiative to apply experiantial learning to students using the immersive power of Virtual Reality. We believe that use of VR in class will enable students to learn deeply through experiencing different educational situations as the need may be.




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